About Us

Tealinc, Ltd is a dynamic results-driven company that specializes in Transportation Solutions for shippers, railroads and investors.

Our two main focuses are:

Rolling Stock Operating Leases and Brokerage

Tealinc, Ltd. buys and sells railcars to the shipper, railroad and investor community. We also supply railcars through operating leases. We buy surplus assets and put them to work in structured leases through creative marketing, upgrading and refurbishment if necessary and by finding exact market niches in which they are in demand. We also package railcar lease portfolios and place them in secondary funding markets. Our brokerage business consists of buying and selling railcars on behalf of our clients and other third party sellers and buyers. Ask about our exclusive marketing agreements and individualized equipment remarketing services.

Rail Transportation Resource Management

Tealinc, Ltd. provides rail resource management and consulting services through our in-depth knowledge and years of expertise in the rail and transportation industry. In addition we also rely upon our access to market information, internal models and publicly available data and client information to reach informed conclusions. Our approach to consulting is to obtain factual information, analyze the information to the point we completely understand the challenge in front of us and to put forth the facts to solve the problem to the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.

Contact us today and allow our years of industry expertise create value for your company.