Biography – Theo Mink

Theo Mink is the Manager Value Creation – Customer Support for Tealinc, Ltd. and works in the Tealinc – Elizabeth, Colorado office. Theo joined Tealinc after spending twelve (12) years as a highly regarded law enforcement officer in Parker, CO. In addition to his primary duties to serve and protect the town citizens, Mink was also the lead driving instructor for the police department, a member of the Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team and a highly valued department training officer. Theo Mink’s work ethic, interest in the rail industry, innate customer service skills, attention to detail and ability to think creatively make him a key asset to the Tealinc team.

In his tenure at Tealinc, Theo has so far led a large scale preventative maintenance program for a set of railcars leased by a Tealinc customer. This project allowed Theo to showcase his mechanical knowledge, leadership and management skills and helped the customer to prepare for their “busy season”.

In his spare time you can find Theo working on his “special project” 1983 Jeep J10 “farm truck”, participating in shooting sports, hiking or biking with his wife and two young daughters or donating his time to one of several non-profits where Theo serves on the board of directors and as a teen driving skills instructor.

Contact Theo Mink:
Phone: (303) 944.6952
Fax: (720) 733.9966