DJ Auburg

Congratulations to DJ AuburgDJ Auburg for winning one of two scholarships awarded by Tealinc, Ltd. in 2018. DJ’s biography below showcases her excellence in both education and community involvement.

“Growing up my father, brother and I made a deal every year. For every A and B, we made we would get a type of award in return, which it may be money or a new toy. This was a way to have a goal as a young child, get good grades and get rewarded for it. Now hopefully receiving needed scholarships to go to college to accomplish my dream in becoming a teacher is my new goal. By attending college, I can make an impact by being the first of my family to attendee college and graduate with a degree in something. Both of my parents started working as soon as they were out of high school. They become a part of the work force to help improve both mine and my younger brother’s future. My father did go to Amarillo College but soon dropped out and never finished his first year of college. My mother was never able to go to college, she stayed home with her family and helped by joining the workforce. It has always been my dream to go to college and make a huge impact on my family and show them that all their hard work has paid off.

Green is a very recognizable color from the green light that means go, to the green grass on my father’s lawn. Green to me means more than that. Green means Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader. This is what I want to be my goal as a teacher. I have wanted to make an impact on others and future students, this is a hard thing to accomplish, but with the help of family and friends to encourage me along the way I can accomplish this goal. I want to accomplish many things like finish high school and go to college, I also want to help teach future generations. I want to help them grow in education and as a person. Being able to go to college and learn how I can make the young minds of tomorrow grow and learn new things inspires me to do well in school and strive for greatness. Many great world leaders make an impact on people’s life’s every day, but there are people like teachers who lead their students every day. This has inspired me to do the same and make a lasting impact on young students just as my teachers have done for me in the past. After graduating from high school, I plan on attending West Texas A&M University and pursue a degree in education. Working with the education program all over the world maybe we can change the lives of many children who are not capable of going to school and learning important life skills, that can help them in the world. Thank you so much for this scholarship to achieve my goals for further education.”