Tealinc Scholarship

Tealinc, Ltd. 2019 Scholarship Recipients Announced!

Tealinc received several applications this year from some amazing and talented students.  We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2019 Tealinc, Ltd. Scholarship Program are Andrew Beeler and Emma Blakely.  Congratulations to your hard work Andrew & Emma!

Tealinc, Ltd. is an adamant supporter of post-secondary education providing over $30,000 in scholarships at the local and national level over the past several years. The scholarship program  is offered to a child (or dependent) of a person working in an industry that raises, manufacturers or produces goods or provides services or is involved in transporting them.  Examples of industries supported are farming/ranching, coal mining and transport, scrap steel recycling, steel production, fertilizer, minerals (iron ore,  potash ash, soda ash, etc.), commodity and finished goods transportation (rail, truck, barge), grain, grain products, food manufacturing, lumber, building materials, aggregates, stone, sand and gravel, etc.

 Past scholarship award recipients are listed below. Click on a recipients name to read his / her bio.

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