Sarah Polich

Congratulations to Sarah Polich for winning one of two scholarships awarded by Tealinc, Ltd. in 2016. Sarah’s biography below showcases her excellence in both education and community involvement.

My name is Sarah Polich.   I am currently enrolled in Western Governors University nearing the completion of my bachelor degree for Secondary Education of Mathematics. 

S Polich

I currently sponsor “Math Night” at our local library every Wednesday evening for junior high and high school students.  I asked my current students to write out the words they would use to describe me.  I was amazed and honored on how they see me. The list included: Encouraging, positive attitude, diligent, vivacious, helpful, caring, loves math, thoughtful, strict but in a good way, inspiring, enthusiastic, kind hearted, optimistic, knowledgeable, gifted and giddy.  My goal is to always be that teacher. 

Thank you Tealinc for this scholarship.  It will allow me to finish strong.  Thank you for your support.  My future students thank you.”