Rail Resource Management

Here at Tealinc, Ltd. we take a different view of project management and strategic consulting. We enjoy and exceed at extremely complex multi-year projects that span all facets of transportation and business integration requirements.

A couple of examples of such projects that exemplify this are Waste Control Specialists, LLC and EnviroSolutions. We concentrate on four to six projects of this magnitude per year. We find this approach makes us a partner in the business development process giving our clients the results they desire due to our continued involvement.

Hands-on Approach

Although we focus on large complex projects, we still participate with our clients in single issue projects focused on such items as market studies and market risk analysis, operational efficiency audits, rail build outs (industrial and shortlines) rail car mechanical inspections and compliance and general administrative management.

Experience Counts

Our consulting efforts are lead by an extremely experienced team and supplemented by industry experts as we need them. This approach creates an accretive knowledge base to solving complex issues. Below you will find some samples of our work. These are samples only and are not meant to limit the imagination.

Please contact us with your project questions so that we  may assist you with your specific transportation needs.

Overview of Sample Projects

Shortline & Aggregate Company Acquisitions

Hazardous Waste Site Permitting – Operations Design and Implementation

Grain & Grain Products – Company Strategic Process Realignment

Developed Receiving Yard for DDG/Grain Trains & Milk Products Outbound Shipments

> Market Studies & Assessments of Future Railcar and Commodities Market

> Municipal Solid Waste – Baled Waste Rail Shipments

> International Shipping of Railroad Rolling Stock