Developed Receiving Yard for DDG/Grain Trains (Confidential Client)

In May 2005, we received a call from a client which went something like this. Client, “I’m sitting at a table with an architectural design firm, my operations managers and some lawyers, we’re looking at a rail build out drawing and I’ve asked the question, can anyone tell me who in this room has any experience at rail build outs and how do we know we’re doing it right? I called five people I know in the industry and out of the five your name came up unsolicited three times. When can you get here?”

That was an interesting start to a long term client relationship. We began by reviewing the goals of the operation, looking at the land footprint (which was a real challenge) and integrating the operating requirements with a shortline railroad and Class I railroad. The net result was a fully operational unit train receiving operation meeting all Class I tariff and operational requirements while planning add on capabilities for future development.