Railcars Available Fall 2017

C706720As a railcar and locomotive lessor, broker, transportation consultant and transportation manager, Tealinc Ltd. private rail fleet includes both railcars and locomotives and is specially designed and tailored to best meet Tealinc’s diverse and unique customer base. We are proud to offer our customers railcar options including the railcars offered below. If you have alternative rail needs, we welcome your response and look forward to assisting you.

Tealinc, Ltd. structure is more of a tactical and boutique approach to rail focused on niche industry shippers, receivers and railroads who may be new to rail or unfamiliar with private rail equipment, are looking for personalized customer support or who are looking for direction in rail best practices.  Tealinc focuses on assisting customers not only in acquiring and leasing private equipment but also in marketing, selling, leasing and assessing their private rail fleet.  Our focus in creating value for our customers is at the core of everything we do.

2480cf Open Top Aggregate CarClick here for our railcars available Fall 2017.