Send Us Your Questions

Please provide as much detail as possible concerning your current questions. If your questions require a consulting engagement, we’ll outline the process for your review and discuss the next steps with you.

Possible questions you might be thinking about:

1. Am I selecting optimal transportation modes?

2. How much should transportation be costing my company and how does this compare to what I’m spending?

3. Is my current rail (truck, barge, ship) operational design optimal for maximizing operational efficiencies?

4. Should I make capital investments or be satisfied with anticipated higher operational costs?

5. If a rail operations design is part of my permitting requirement, how do I ensure that the design will function operationally yet meet my permit requirements?

6. How do I plan and build a rail yard (or depot) layout that conforms to Class I Railroad and Federal Requirements?

7. How do I get a look at the competitive landscape (near term and in the future) for my shipping position?