Tealinc Announces Partnership With D.A. International Casting Company

JOBX 1168 A-End - Copy

Forsyth, MT – Tealinc, Ltd. is excited to announce a partnership with D.A. International Casting Company on the Rapid-Release Cam Lock Assembly. D.A. International’s Rapid-Release system is the most advanced manual door lock system specially designed to allow one person operation from either side of the car. This system assures that unloading open top hopper cars is easier, safer and more efficient.

“This new partnership with Tealinc Ltd. offers an exciting new opportunity for D.A. International Casting Company,” said David Kerrigan, President and CEO of D.A. International Casting Co. “We are delighted to be working with this major leasing company to offer the most advanced manual dumping system on the market.”

Tealinc integrated the Rapid-Release system on it’s 4000 cube, steel bodied, manual discharge hopper and can be made available for lease or for sale. See the ad here.

The Rapid-Release system is designed using the same technology as the proven single door cam lock system, but requires fewer parts than that of a pair of single door cam locks. With one cam lock system, a pair of hopper doors can be operated from either side of the rail car by one person. It is easy to install on new or existing conventional hopper cars since it features standard mounting hole locations.


Press Release Also Found on the D.A. International Castings Co. website.