Tealinc’s Coronavirus Response

Hello Tealinc Customers:

Earlier this week a great customer of ours contacted us with some questions on how we plan to continue to support his varied rail fleet management and support needs during the impact of the coronavirus. His questions and concern are very valid given the international discussion and I want to calm any concerns you have too.

I am confident that Tealinc is well positioned to continue to support your rail equipment and rail fleet needs.

Whether you rely on us for daily/weekly/monthly administrative services, equipment tracing, expediting & fleet reporting, maintenance & repair management, rate research, consulting services or any of our railcar leasing or sales services, our employees are cross-trained and we have back-ups in place should someone on our team fall ill. We have an advantage over many companies in that our staff is already home based and we have IT systems already in place to support working from remote locations. Our staff is based in different states across the country and we efficiently communicate, collaborate and engage.

Through times of need, I firmly believe it is important that we all support one another. Should you have people within your company in logistics, transportation, shipping, etc. who become ill and you require additional support in managing daily activities and rail services, we encourage you to call on us.

As always, our commitment here at Tealinc is provide you with exceptional customer service.

We wish you, your family and your loved ones good health.


Julie Mink


Tealinc, Ltd.


Phone: (720) 733-9922