Transportation Management

As a concept, Transportation Management or Transportation Consulting usually takes on as many meanings as there are people asked to define it.  At Tealinc, Ltd. we define Transportation Management as the segment of logistics and transport options required to get your product from the source (factory, trans-load, elevator, scrap yard, producer, coal or iron ore mine, port, terminal etc.) to the place that you need it (final delivery of your raw product or end use product).

On the surface, the logistics chain may seem simple; however, there is a significant amount of detail required in arranging, preparing, releasing, tracking, resolving and delivering your product that requires Transportation Management.

Considering the variables involved in our definition of Transportation Management one would need to be an expert at:

  • Matching up transport rates with routes and service for the best combination of price and delivery options
  • Matching up rail equipment availability, type and capability with product load and unload requirements
  • Considering all available modes of transportation for product movement in context of timing, cost and delivery capability
  • Optimizing the use of your infrastructure to seamlessly move product into and out of production
  • Sourcing rail equipment, reconfiguring rail yards, optimizing multiple transport options in a production plant setting and understanding the flow of product

Here at Tealinc, Ltd. we excel at optimizing product flow requirements and costs.  Tealinc, Ltd. Transportation Management offerings range from complete outsourcing of the functions required of your transportation needs to job specific requirements such as obtaining rate comparisons, managing demurrage, marketing surplus rail equipment, providing operations expertise for planning and infrastructure improvements to managing railcar maintenance.

Experience Counts

Our management and consulting efforts are lead by an extremely experienced team and supplemented by industry experts as we need them. This approach creates an accretive knowledge base to solving complex issues. Below you will find some samples of our work. These are samples only and are not meant to limit the imagination.

Please contact us with your project questions so that we
may assist you with your specific transportation needs.

Overview of Sample Projects

Shortline & Aggregate Company Acquisitions

Hazardous Waste Site Permitting – Operations Design and Implementation

Grain & Grain Products – Company Strategic Process Realignment

Developed Receiving Yard for DDG/Grain Trains & Milk Products Outbound Shipments

> Market Studies & Assessments of Future Railcar and Commodities Market

> Municipal Solid Waste – Baled Waste Rail Shipments

> International Shipping of Railroad Rolling Stock