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Great Deals

These groups of cars won’t be around for long. These are great opportunities for our customers to take advantage of today!

Great Deals Won’t Sit Long!

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Small Cube Covered Hoppers

Commodities: Cement, Minerals, Sand, etc.

Features:  Top load, bottom unload. Cars are in excellent condition and ready to be put to work!

Watch Video: Small Cube Covered Hoppers

Capacity: 3220 cube -3281 cube

Contact:    |  (708) 854-6307

Small Cube Covered Hoppers

Open Top Hoppers

Commodities: Coal, Lightweight Aggregate & Light Load Taconite, Other

Features: Steel bodied, manual discharge outlet gates

Capacity: 4000 cube

Contact:     | (708) 854-6307

Open Top Hoppers