Open  Top Hoppers

General Characteristics: Air operated, automatic discharge or manual outlet gates

Unloading Options: Top Load & Bottom Unload, Rotary or Non-Rotary Couplers

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Open Top Hoppers will ship:

  • Aggregate
  • Coal
  • Coke
  • Petroleum
  • Commodities that are not affected by weather

Aggregate Open Top Hoppers

Commodities: Aggregate, Rock, etc.

Features: 60 degree slope sheets, easy unloading

Capacity: 2300 cube to 2800 cube

Contact:    |  (708) 854-6307

Aggregate Open Top Hoppers

Large Open Top Hoppers

Commodities: Coal,  Coke, Petroleum, etc.

Features: Rotary and non-rotary coupler unloading options

Capacity: 4000 cube

Contact:     | (708) 854-6307

Large Open Top Hoppers