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Lease. Buy. Sell. Trade. Manage. Strategize.

As your business changes, your need for rail and rail equipment may also change. That’s why we specialize in strategic rail support and development projects custom tailored to your unique needs. By providing the level of expertise, data, analytics, working knowledge and collaboration required, Tealinc will focus on driving positive results in your transportation and logistics network. You can rely on the expertise of our extremely experienced team supplemented by other logistics experts as we call on them. Depend on our expertise to develop market studies, risk analysis, operational efficiency audits, rail build outs, rail car mechanical inspections, compliance and general administrative management to further develop your rail success. Contact us today to learn more!


New To Rail

Many times a company will truck product significant distances at high transportation costs simply because the barriers to entry on rail are challenging. Let’s face it trucks are easy to use. We work thru the complexities of converting to rail and model all the costs so you can make an informed decision and understand the generally positive impact rail can make in your transportation cost structure. We also don’t leave you hanging. We work thru all the required agreements be they track leases, sighting yards, rate agreements, providing railcars for lease, etc.

Rail Operations Track Buildouts

We’ve led many rail operations track buildouts from design of the internal operational and logistics flow requirements to collaborating with engineering firms to working thru the railroad process to bring an acceptable design to fruition.

Understanding Cycle Times

Know how fast your railcars move in a particular lane? Not sure why you’re receiving a bunch of demurrage bills? Understanding cycle time components on railcars is important. We break out each component (load time, loaded time, unload time, empty return time, etc.) and understand where the delays are at, where there are railcars bunching up, where there are railcars setting over X days and what’s causing them and determine how to fix them. We then walk thru the implementation plan to drive down delays and reduce demurrage bills.

Rate Research

Sometimes all you need is a freight rate. We can do that and generally field new rate research requests at the rate of one a week.

Expanding Rail Operations

One of our areas of expertise is expansion of rail operations. We have clients that want to tap new markets and aren’t quite sure of how to go about putting all the pieces together. An example would be an aggregate operation in California wants to expand their reach to the growing housing, road and services markets. We understand this market and find rail served sites that work for the volumes, negotiate rail rates with the carriers, design the unload operations and led the completion of all contractual requirements. If required, we also put the management and operations in place to insure a smooth operation.

Rail Mechanical Inspections

We have inhouse mechanical expertise that is unrivaled. We use that expertise and a network of mechanical inspectors that have been vetted by us to conduct railcar mechanical inspections. We have a stringent in-depth process which we use to insure a complete inspection. We also extensively research railcars to determine Equipment Health Management System (EHMS) notifications, WILD detectors for wheels, THD for trucks, maintenance advisories and UMLER information (e.g. air brake test dates) before we ever look at a railcar so we have an idea of what we’re going to see before we even look.

Market Studies

Want to know what you’re up against in the competitive business world? We do many market studies where we research competitive alternatives to your business, benchmark their transportation rates and thru collaboration with our clients determine commodity or product spreads to help determine market positioning.

Multi Modal Rate Studies

Have an option in freight providers? We can compare rail, truck and water borne transportation options or a combination thereof to determine least cost transportation and handling options.