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Why Tealinc

Tealinc, Ltd. is a dynamic results-driven company that specializes in Rail Transportation Solutions for shippers, railroads and investors.

About Us

Have rail transportation challenges? We Specialize in Rail Transportation Solutions. We participate in nearly every industry supported by rail; lease, purchase and sell nearly every type of freight railcar; and provide management and consulting services for both novice and experienced rail shippers.

We specialize in exceptional customer service. We focus on rail equipment and consulting services to assist the novice, mid-level and expert shipper to plan, modify and adjust short-term and long-term rail shipping and receiving needs.

How do we solve your challenges? Our three main business focuses are:

Lease, Buy & Sell Railcars

Rail Fleet Management Services

Rail Transportation Consulting Services

Our Services






Rail Fleet

Transportation Consulting

Samples of Our Work

Lease, Buy & Sell Railcars

Tealinc, Ltd. buys and sells railcars to the shipper, railroad and investor community. We also supply railcars through operating leases. We buy surplus assets and put them to work in structured leases through creative marketing, upgrading and refurbishment if necessary and by finding exact market niches in which they are in demand. We also package railcar lease portfolios and place them in secondary funding markets. Our brokerage business consists of buying and selling railcars on behalf of our clients and other third party sellers and buyers. Ask about our exclusive marketing agreements and individualized equipment remarketing services.

Rail Fleet Management & Transportation Consulting

Tealinc, Ltd. provides rail resource management and consulting services through our in-depth knowledge and years of expertise in the rail and transportation industry. In addition we also rely upon our access to market information, internal models and publicly available data and client information to reach informed conclusions. Our approach to consulting is to obtain factual information, analyze the information to the point we completely understand the challenge in front of us and to put forth the facts to solve the problem to the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.

History of Tealinc

  • 2000

    Tealinc, LTD is founded by Darell Luther as a Colorado subchapter S corporation. Darell Luther is founder and sole employee. The basis of the business at this time is consulting. Given Darell’s 10 years of rail experience working for two different Class I railroads and 5 years in private industry, the business starts strong.

  • 2002

    Tealinc, Ltd. moves its headquarters to Montana and is reincorporated as a Montana subchapter S corporation. The consulting business continues to be strong with Tealinc focus being on multimodal operations consulting and multimodal solutions. Tammy Luther, current CFO, Secretary and Treasurer for Tealinc, joins Tealinc to manage all Tealinc accounting.

  • 2003

    Tealinc buys its first railcars with the intention of building a railcar lease fleet. The consulting business continues to be strong and supports customers new to rail or customers looking to grow their logistics footprint.

  • 2004

    Tealinc continues to add to its railcar lease fleet which by this time includes covered hoppers and flatcars. Tealinc begins a strong presence in sale-leasebacks and brokerage of railcars.

  • 2005

    Julie Mink, Tealinc current President, joins Tealinc as Manager Value Creation. Intently focused on customer service and support, Julie develops customer-centric programs tailored to customer specific needs. Tealinc begins a monthly newsletter (Touchbase) providing news and educational articles for the industry. To this day the newsletter and email marketing program remains widely known and respected as an industry leading customer support tool. Tealinc begins development of a marketing database which becomes a cornerstone to its’ marketing presence.

  • 2011

    Steve Christian, now retired from Tealinc, joins Tealinc as the Manager Value Creation – Operations. Tealinc, recognizing the need for more intensive railcar management, successfully implements a Rolling Stock Management service offering to support its lessee customers. This program revolutionized the preventative maintenance program for Tealinc clients making a full service lease program obsolete and saves the customer maintenance money year over year. Tealinc acquires a locomotive.

  • 2012

    Following years of Tealinc dedicating significant resources to its marketing database program, exceptional growth occurs resulting in 40,000 individual contacts in the Tealinc database giving Tealinc significant penetration into various industries for marketing railcars, railcar management and transportation consulting.

  • 2015

    Theo Mink, no longer with Tealinc, joins Tealinc and further develops Tealinc preventative maintenance program. Julie Mink is promoted to President of Tealinc and Darell Luther retains CEO responsibilities. Tealinc private railcar fleet continues to grow and now includes covered hoppers, flatcars, gondolas and open top hoppers.

  • 2017

    Kristen Kempson, Tealinc Director-Railcar Leasing & Sales, joins Tealinc adding years of industry knowledge to the Tealinc team and further refining the marketing database and providing exceptional customer support to both new and existing Tealinc customers. Julie Mink is recognized as a Rising Star by Progressive Railroading magazine.

  • 2019

    Shannon Rodgers, now Director-Operations, joins the Tealinc team. Tealinc continues to enjoy steady growth of its rail fleet, Rolling Stock Management service offerings and consulting services business lines. Under Shannon’s attention, Tealinc revitalizes internal processes to more thoroughly conduct mechanical inspections and manage Tealinc private railcar fleet as well as customer leased fleets. Kristen Kempson is promoted to MVC-Sales & Marketing.

  • 2020

    Yvonne Lufborough , now Director-Administration and Finance, joins Tealinc. With 10 years of previous experience as Tealinc tax accountant and as an extremely well established CPA, Yvonne’s financial experience propels Tealinc bookkeeping and planning processes.

  • 2022

    Tealinc personnel continue to develop their rail industry knowledge, support rail shippers, and continue to leverage their expertise. Tealinc fleet now includes most every freight railcar type and remains focused on strategically building the private railcar fleet and support services to support exact client needs.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals with complementary rail backgrounds. Together, we have over 115 years of experience in the rail industry. We have the expertise, knowledge and ability to create value for our clients.

Darell Luther

Darell Luther

CEO & Founder

Julie Mink


Kristen Kempson

Director – Railcar Leasing & Sales

Shannon Rodgers

Director- Operations

Yvonne Lufborough

Director – Finance & Administration