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Your core business probably isn’t managing railcars! At Tealinc, we know your business flourishes and succeeds when your railcars are managed efficiently. At your option, we manage every railcar you buy, sell, lease, and trade with us. We will coordinate inspections, manage all paperwork, ensure railcars are properly transferred, registered, and filed, trace railcars into and out of service, and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. When you lease railcars with Tealinc and engage us with our Rail Fleet Support Services, you’ll receive those same services on an on-going and consistent basis at the intervals you choose such as daily, weekly, or monthly. You can even engage us with a railcar maintenance escrow account to make railcar preventative maintenance and repairs even more controlled and predictable. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business. Let us help you streamline your railcar fleet and achieve your rail transportation goals. Contact us today to learn more!


Lost Your Railcar?

We’ll do the tracking, tracing and reporting. We’ll even follow up with the handling railroad to get your railcar moving timely and we’ll generate management reports telling you what your cycle times are and where railcars are getting delayed.

Not sure how to register your railcar?

We’ve got you covered we’ll do the UMLER registration for you.

No railcar mechanics on staff?

We have railcar maintenance experts on staff and on call to give you complete coverage. In fact, we’ll also provide data and reporting so we together can do a root cause analysis of what, when and where something isn’t working and make a plan to fix it. We’ll even set up an escrow account if you’d like and pay the maintenance bills direct on your behalf (after auditing them of course).

Railcar severely damaged or destroyed?

We got this covered thru our mechanical knowledge and rail repair facility network. We’ll also help you determine if a railcar is worth fixing or should be scrapped.

What is OT-57?

You have heard the term but still not sure what it is all about. Don’t worry we’ll help walk you thru this important task making sure your loading locations are all registered with the railroads, so you don’t get penalized or get your private railcars ousted.

Not sure what it costs to ship your product or move an empty railcar?

Not sure what it costs to ship your product or move an empty railcar around? We’d be happy to do the rail rate research searching for the most effective routes.

Got too many railcars?

We’ll work to sublease them to other potential candidate customers lowering your cost and exposure. We’ll be glad to handle the paperwork as well. Our database reach is around forty thousand potential clients.

Not enough railcars?

Call us for our available inventory. We have cars ready for service.


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