Class I Railroad Performance Measures

Following are direct links to Class I Railroad Performance Measures (“RPM”). Tealinc, Ltd provides these links as a courtesy to our current and future customers. RPM’s are divided into three categories:

1. Cars on line
2. Train speed
3. Terminal dwell

Cars on line are further segregate by car owner (foreign, system, private) and by car type (boxcar, covered hopper, gondola, etc). A foreign car is that which is marked with another railroads car mark which is not controlled by the handling line. A system car is one in which the mark on the car is controlled by the handling line. And a private car has an “x” mark designating it is controlled by a shipper, receiver or Lessor.

Train speed is represented in miles per hour and measures the speed of train movement excluding terminal dwell time.

Terminal dwell is the amount of time measured in hours that a railcar spends being processed in a terminal or switch yard.

RPM Links

BNSF Railway
KCS (Kansas City Southern)
NS (Norfolk Southern)
UP (Union Pacific Railroad)

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