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Rail Fleet Support Services focus holistically on all aspects of our railcar leasing and private railcar ownership. When partnering with Tealinc, our lease clients identify tremendous strategic advantage with their logistics and rail transport options. Our team of experts’ use in-depth market data to anticipate client’s needs with actionable, real-world planning. We find that a net lease on a railcar coupled with our Rail Fleet Management Services allows the railcar lessee to recapture up to 50% of the spread between a modified full service lease and a net lease.

We’ve successfully audited, refuted and recaptured an average of 20% savings on railcars that were in DDCT status.

Our maintenance audit provides savings in misbills, wrong job codes, etc.

We manage railcars through administrative and field service work including: retag, restencilling, UMLER transfer, STB filings and OT5 filing. We help clients get the administrative requirement right the first time, so railcars aren’t rejected by the originating railroad.

We research and negotiate rail rates on average once a week
(52 times a year).

We help place surplus cars through our remarketing program potentially touching 40,000 names in our database.

We trace cars, manage bad orders, expedite railcars that are static or experiencing delays and focus daily on improving fleet utilization and ensuring fleet productivity lowering ownership, lease and operating costs

We identified 30 cars in a fleet of 400 that hadn’t moved in better than 6 months. Our further research discovered that the cars had been scrapped and our client had never taken them off the books but was paying rent on the cars

We do all things mechanical. We inspect railcars going into and headed out of service, generate detailed inspection reports, set up shop networks, provide pre-work guidance and processes, audit completed work, etc. We’ll even run an escrow account where we do all the work and pay the bills on our customers behalf.