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Gondola railcars are an extremely versatile railcar and ideal for hauling products that are impervious to the weather (though a gondola can be equipped with a tarp or cover). Used to transport goods across rail networks, gondola railcars have an open top and solid bottom (flat, tub, twin tub, etc.) Gondola railcars can be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily, making them ideal for transportation in various industries. Gondolas are suitable for long and short-haul shipments as well as for in-plant or storage needs.

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Gondolas Will Ship:

  • Metal, Scrap, Pipe
  • Coal, Coke
  • Aggregates, Gravel, Rip Rap
  • Slag, Ores
  • Railroad Ties
  • Construction & Demolition Debris
  • Waste
  • Various Bulk Products, Etc.


4300 Cube Tub Gondolas

Ideal for coal and coke

4402 Cube Tub Gondolas

Ideal for coal and coke

6100 Cube Tub Gondolas

Ideal for C&D, Waste, Etc.