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Yvonne Lufborough

Director – Accounting & Finance

Yvonne Lufborough is the Director – Finance & Administration for Tealinc LLC and works in the Tealinc- Miles City, MT office.

“We are elated to have Yvonne join the Tealinc team,” said Julie Mink, Tealinc – President. “Yvonne has worked in a supportive role to Tealinc for years as an accountant and bringing her on board full-time is an exciting step forward for Tealinc. Yvonne’s expertise in accounting will not only add to the daily accounting practices of Tealinc but will also facilitate a new layer of strategic planning that will be beneficial for Tealinc customers and Tealinc stakeholders.”

Yvonne was born and raised in Miles City, MT where she attended Montana State University-Bozeman and obtained her accounting degree in May of 2002.  Yvonne worked in private accounting until becoming a public accountant in December of 2006.  She became a Certified Public Accountant in 2012.  She worked as a tax accountant until joining Tealinc full-time in July of 2020.

Yvonne’s husband, Beau, is a local contractor and they have three children Ryder, Dakota and Charley. In their spare time they enjoy spending time camping, fishing, and playing at Hell Creek State Park on Fort Peck Lake.