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Covered hopper railcars offer a versatile and flexible transportation option for a wide range of goods, from bulk materials to finished products. Designed to move a moisture or weather sensitive product, covered hoppers are equipped with top hatches to efficiently seal the commodity to maximize moisture resistance. Bottom discharge outlet gets allow for controlled unloading into a pit, onto a conveyor, or through a hose/pipe as needed.  Choose from a wide range of top hatch cover and bottom unloading configurations ideal for your needs.

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Covered Hoppers Will Ship:

  • Cement, Sand, Fly Ash
  • Salt
  • Grain, Wheat Corn
  • Sugar, Flour & Food Products
  • Dry Distiller Grains
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Various Dry Bulk Products
  • Other Weather Sensitive Products


3250 Cube Covered Hoppers

Ideal for cement, sand, minerals, etc.

4550 Cube Covered Hoppers

Ideal for Grain, Minerals, Salt, Etc.

5400 Cube Covered Hoppers

Ideal for Grain

5800 Cube Covered Hoppers

Ideal for Plastics, Plastic Pellets