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Congratulations Kylie Munsinger & Julia Martin!

In a world brimming with talent and potential, it is heartening to witness individuals who stand out among the crowd, displaying exceptional skills, dedication, and a burning desire to make a positive impact. For the 2023 Tealinc Scholarship, our board received just under forty applications. Each candidate possesses unique talents, remarkable academic records, and compelling personal narratives which made selecting the winners extremely challenging. In the end, it was the unwavering determination and commitment to excellence exhibited by our two winners that set them apart. We extend our warmest congratulations to Kylie Munsinger and Julia Martin and wish them continued success in their academic pursuits and future endeavors. Their success not only reflects their personal accomplishments but also serves as an inspiration to us all. May they continue to strive for excellence and inspire others to reach for the stars!

Kylie Munsinger

Kylie is a 19-year-old enrolled at Carroll College located in Helena, MT. She is majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Business Management and Public Health with aspirations to go into Physical Therapy. After completing her undergraduate degrees at Carroll, Kylie plans on attending a Doctorate of Physical Therapy School to receive her DPT title. Although the road to becoming a physical therapist is long and grueling, she believes it will be extremely rewarding and fulfilling by the end of her journey. She ultimately aspires to work her way into owning her own physical therapy clinic that specializes in sports rehabilitation for young athletes. Kylie stays busy by competing for Carroll College’s Track and Field Team and volunteering at local physical therapy clinics. When she is home from college, she works at her family’s business, Norms Soda Fountain, an old-fashioned candy store and restaurant located on Main Street in Kalispell, MT.

Julia Martin

Julia grew up in Columbia Falls, MT and graduated from Columbia Falls High School in 2022. While in high school, Julia participated in soccer, track, and cross country, along with a variety of clubs through the school. After graduation, Julia took a gap year to participate in a study abroad program in Spain. Julia took an extra year of high school and lived with a host family. Julia says “it has been a great way to learn more about Spanish culture and improve my Spanish. Studying abroad has been a wonderful experience, and I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to participate in it.” 

Julia will be attending Montana State University in the fall, and will be majoring in engineering and minoring in Spanish.

Congratulations to our past scholarship recipient's!

Tealinc is an adamant supporter of post-secondary education providing over $40,000 in scholarships at the local and national level over the past several years. Inquire at the beginning of each calendar year for more information on how to apply for the Tealinc Scholarship. Here is a list of our past Scholarship Recipients.

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2021: Jessica Masshardt & Aaliyah Seals
2020: Avery Hess & Ana Tisa
2019: Andrew Beeler & Emma Blakely
2018: DJ Auburn & Natalie Zimmerman
2017: Brianna McNeely & Carla Cruea
2016:  Sarah Polich & Caitlyn Crowe
2015: Alixandria Masat, Kollee Gustad & Hannah Blue
2014: Shannon Costello & Kendall Blackwood
2013: Shannon Costello, Tanner Glaza & Mary Hallman
2012:  Michael B., Maggie Onimus, Bridget Gustad & Ryan Jacobs
2011: Brecken Larson
2010: Chris Ashley
2009:  Melissa Ashley & Donna Billing
2008: Satabra Wright, Jesse Hahne & Wyatt Adler
2007: Matt Ashley
2006: Rezart Sina & Cari Luhman
2005:  Kyle Ashley