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Lease. Buy. Sell. Trade. Manage. Strategize.

Looking for great deals on railcars? Look no further! Railcars available for immediate lease, sale, or trade are showcased below. We offer competitive pricing and flexible leasing options to help you get the equipment you need without breaking the bank. Consider a sale-leaseback if you prefer to use the railcars without the hassles of ownership or deploying large sums of capital. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ll listen to your specific rail and railcar needs and provide you with the best available options.


4000 Cube Open Top Hoppers

Ideal for rock, coal/coke, ballast, etc.

3250 Cube Covered Hoppers

Ideal for cement, sand, minerals, etc.

5250 Cube Covered Hoppers

Ideal for Plastics, Plastic Pellets.

Mill Gondolas

Ideal for stone, scrap, steel, etc.

2300 Cube Open Top Hoppers

Ideal for rock, ballast, taconite, etc.

4550 Cube Covered Hoppers

Ideal for Grain, Minerals, Salt, Etc.


Ideal for pipes, lumber, bridges, etc.

High Cube Gondolas

Ideal for scrap, baled waste, etc.