Tealinc, Ltd.’s Annual Scholarship Program

Tealinc is a firm believer that a secondary education for youth and adults is fundamental to our nations’ economic health and supports that belief through its scholarship program.  Tealinc is pleased to announce the availability of two $1,000 scholarships to the best-qualified candidate. One scholarship of one-thousand ($1,000) will be awarded to a high-school senior and one scholarship of one-thousand ($1,000) will be awarded to an enrolled undergraduate college or trade-school student.

The application and guidelines can be found here.

New this year: Nominate a Student!

Know a great student that could use a little financial help paying for tuition?  Often parents and peers have a better network of scholarship availability than students do.  To facilitate a broader reach Tealinc, Ltd. is now taking nominations for potential scholarship applicants.  Parents and peers can nominate a student for one of the two Tealinc, Ltd. scholarships by filling out the nomination form. We’ll follow up with the student by email or telephone to facilitate their application for the scholarship.

The nomination form can be found here.

Applications due by May 1, 2021.

Tealinc, Ltd.’s  2020 Scholarship Recipients

Avery Hess

“Thank you so much for choosing me for the $1,000 scholarship. Through Tealinc’s generosity, I will be able to work less while I am in college and focus on continuing my education. I plan on getting my BSN in Nursing at Texas A&M University so that I may ultimately become a Nurse Practitioner and work in Pediatrics. This scholarship will help me tremendously as I struggle through the financial burdens that occur when pursuing higher education.”

Ana Tisa

“Hello! My name is Ana Tisa and I am a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame studying Psychology and Global Affairs with a minor in Digital Marketing. I am incredibly grateful to receive a Tealinc scholarship which will help pay for my tuition and enable me to continue my education. In the next couple of years I look forward to continuing psychology research, volunteering in the South Bend community, and exploring my interests in pursuit of what I will do after graduation. I would like to give a special shout out to my parents who always support me financially and emotionally, so I am excited that I can help contribute to my education with this scholarship!”

Tealinc is an adamant supporter of secondary education providing over $35,000 in scholarships at the local and national level over the past 15 years.
Previous Scholarship Recipient’s:

2019: Andrew Beeler & Emma Blakely

2018: DJ Auburn & Natalie Zimmerman

2017: Brianna McNeely & Carla Cruea

2016:  Sarah Polich & Caitlyn Crowe

2015: Alixandria Masat, Kollee Gustad & Hannah Blue

2014: Shannon Costello & Kendall Blackwood

2013: Shannon Costello, Tanner Glaza & Mary Hallman

2012:  Michael B., Maggie Onimus, Bridget Gustad & Ryan Jacobs

2011: Brecken Larson

2010: Chris Ashley

2009:  Melissa Ashley & Donna Billing

2008: Satabra Wright, Jesse Hahne & Wyatt Adler

2007: Matt Ashley

2006: Rezart Sina & Cari Luhman

2005:  Kyle Ashley