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December 2019 – Iron Ore Price: World Steel Production Shrinking

        • A Year In Review: “It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times, It Was The Age Of Wisdom, It Was The Age of Foolishness!”
        • Cyber Monday… RAIL TUESDAY! Last Weeks For 2019 Railcar Shopping!
        • How Can Two Different Railcar Inspectors Look At The Same Railcar and Generate Different Estimates?
        • Weekly Economic Release Summary: The Federal Funds Rate Is Too Low
        • Private Railcar Owners and Lessees: Important News. All Private Railcars Must be Registered In OT-57

November 2019- Slower Growth But No Recession Near, Predicts Latest Cement Industry Forecast

        • Tealinc Offering Railcar Freight Assistance
        • Demurrage-History, Current Application and STB Investigation
        • The Importance of Instilling a Blue Flag Policy at Your Industry
        • It Appears We’re Still In A Freight Recession
        • Fed Cuts Rates Again To Boost A Slowing Economy
        • OT-5 Will Be Deleted. OT-57 Will Have New Requirements

October 2019- What Is Lumber Telling Us

        • Analyze Your Rail Fleet. Private Cars. System Cars. What Are You Long or Short?
        • Correlation Between Trade Wars, Tariffs, PSR, BDI, Vessel Availability…Challenging Times
        • Dan Madden-MVC Operations: My Tips For Hiring Qualified Shops/Contractors!
        • AAR: For The Seventh Consecutive Month, U.S. Rail Traffic Has Fallen. The Main Culprit? A Weak Economy.
        • Fed Cuts Interest Rates, Signals Holding Pattern For Now
        • ASLRRA: With Record Support, “Time For Action Is Now” on Short Line Tax Credit

September 2019- Crude Steel Production in July Increases Year Over Year

        • Tealinc- We Solve Rail Transportation Solutions
        • Darell Luther: “I See Potential For Rail Transportation Growth”
        • Intense Preparation For a Railcar Inspection Is As Important As The Inspection Itself
        • July 2019 Carloadings Down 4.8% from July 2018
        • Fed Officials Are Divided Over Whether The Economy Needs More Rate Cuts
        • Major Changes are Being Made to the Loading Authority Application

August 2019- Soybeans End Down as Trump Announces New Tariffs on Chinese Goods

        • Private Railcar Supply and Demand
        • Putting Your Business on Rail: We Bring Clarity to Your Operations
        • Mechanical Brief: Calculating the Settlement Options For a Damaged and Destroyed Railcar
        • AAR: Rail Traffic Still Down
        • Fed Cuts Interest Rates For 1st Time Since 2008
        • CN Announces Tariff Update to Mileage Equalization and Distance Allowance Tariff

July 2019- US Oil Prices Tally a Fourth Straight Session Gain

        • Tealinc Flatcar Auction Deadline Extended, Looking to Buy Gondolas
        • Do Railroads Have The Resources to Support a Sudden Release in Pent Up Demand? Absolutely!
        • Handling of Damaged and Destroyed Rail Equipment-Know The Rules!
        • PSR Have you Scrambling for Railcars? We Are Here to Help!
        • U.S. Carloads Down in June 2019, Making It The Fifth Month In a Row for Declines in Carloads
        • Dollar Hits Three Week High Ahead of Powell, FOMC Minutes
        • Canadian Pacific Railroad: U.S. Customs and Border Protection In-Bound Process

June 2019- US Drops Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on Canada and Mexico

        • Flatcar Auction & Mill Gondolas For Sublease
        • Will PSR Address the First and Last Mile Challenge and Bring More Business to the Railroads?
        • Mechanical Brief: Trucks 101 & How They Function on a Railcar
        • May 2019 Carloads Down 2.1% Compared to The Same Period Last Year
        • It’s No Longer a Question of Whether the Fed Will Cut Interest Rates, But When
        • Union Pacific Announces Not Prepared For Service Tariff Adjustments

May 2019- China Defies Trump With New Round of Tariffs on U.S. Goods

        • Tealinc Reduced Lease and Sale Pricing-Bulkhead Flatcars & Open Top Hoppers
        • Tealinc’s 2019 Scholarship Recipients Announced
        • The Edge: Operating Ratios
        • Incompatible Metal: Aluminum vs. Steel
        • April 2019 Down .9% Compared to April 2018
        • Market Pricing In a 2019 Fed Cut and Bets Emerge For Even More
        • Union Pacific Implements Unified Plan 2020

April 2019- Aggregates Production Rises 5 Percent in 2018

        • Tealinc Has Flatcars, Open Top Hoppers And Assorted Other Equipment For Your Spring Shipments
        • Tealinc Welcomes Shannon Rodgers to The Team
        • The Transportation Industry Is Not For The Faint of Heart
        • Quality Control During An Inspection is Very Important For The Safe Operations of a Railcar
        • March 2019 Down 8.9% Compared to The Same Period Last Year
        • Fed’s Evans Says Low Inflation May Freeze Interest Rates Through Most of 2020

March 2019- Construction Spending Sags in 2018-But Falling Interest Rates Lift Odds of Bounce Back

        • Tealinc-Did you know we buy railcars? Send us your idle equipment listings.
        • Tealinc Will be Present at Both SEARS and NEARS events- hope to see you there!
        • Tealinc Scholarship- Deadline is April 1, 2019
        • The Edge: Cold Weather Has Not Slowed Down Railcar Loadings
        • Having a Knowledgeable Car Inspector Inspect Your Railcars Is Key
        • February 2019 Was Down 2.7% Compared to Carloads in February 2018
        • Fed’s Pause Now Extends Through September In Wake of Weak Jobs Report
        • Starting April 1, 2019, the NS is Making Changes to Several Tariffs

February 2019- We’re Going To See Not Only A Shortage of Iron Ore But A Shortage of Pellets

        • Tealinc Has Open Top Hoppers Available With or Without Rapid Release Cam Locks
        • Tealinc 2019 Scholarship-Now Accepting Applications
        • The Edge: Railroad Performance Measures
        • Mechanical Brief: Repair Maintenance Billing and Auditing (Meet Dan at PNWARS!)
        • January 2019 Carloads Up 1.7% Compared to January 2018
        • Farm Belt Bankruptcies Are Soaring
        • The Short Line Credit (45G)-It’s Good Policy

January 2019- The Lumber Industry Does Not Expect A Recession!

        • Tealinc Has Bulkhead Flatcars and Open Top Hoppers Available
        • Kristen Kempson Promoted to Manager Value Creation- Sales & Marketing – See You at MARS!
        • Tealinc 2019 Scholarship Announced
        • The Edge With Darell Luther: Factors That Will Impact Rail in 2019
        • Mechanical Brief With Dan Madden: What I’ve Learned About Tealinc
        • December 2018 Carloads Up 2.9% Compared to December 2017
        • Dollar Slides on Bets of Fed Pausing U.S. Rate Hikes